Psychic Reader Dummy Guide to Your Best Psychic Reading

Psychic Reader Dummy Guide to Your Best Psychic Reading

Welcome to Euphoria October Edition featuring an article on how to get the very best out of your Bitwine Psychic Reader. Study this page to discover more discount and promotion codes.

Monthly Article: “Psychic Reader Dummy Guide to Your Reading”

psychic reader

psychic reader

As a Bitwine Psychic Reader, I want all my clients to maximise the potential of the actual psychic reading experience and I wanted to share with you from my the psychic reader’s perspective a few top tips on how NOT to have a psychic reading! Time and again I find clients not grasping the opportunity a reading offers to them. They actually get a worse psychic reading experience by the actions they take. Here are some basic points to consider when taking a psychic reading, to ensure you get the very best from the experience.

Psychic Reader Comment 1 – A Little Planning

Prior to connecting with your chosen psychic take a few minutes to think about the questions you truly want answering. It is natural that as a reading progresses you will find new questions arising but if you take a moment before to become clear on what are the most pressing questions you have on your situation you can make sure you can gain the deepest sense of clarity within your situation.

Psychic Reader Comment 2 – Open Mind

It is essential you come into your reading with a fully open mind. You may get answers that you did not expect or even timeline that surprise you, some things may be hard to hear however you should always come away from a reading feeling sure of your next steps and what to expect from your path. Be open to all the messages that will be passed to you throughout the reading.

Psychic Reader Comment 3 – Trickery – Smoke and Mirrors

This always makes me smile; when a client feels it is their job and mission to discredit the psychic reader as a fraud or charlatan. The truth is being a fraudulent reader would be harder than being a straightforward psychic reader. To actually be selected to work on the BitWine platform all psychics are vetted thoroughly. In addition, most clients leave reviews; so should someone consistently deliver a bad service it would get flagged up. Having said that you should accept that you will connect with some psychic readers better than with others. We are all different. We all have different gifts and abilities. As a psychic reader, I find sometimes I connect instantly whereas other times it takes time for it to flow through to me. On the odd occasion, I truly feel nothing, I accept that I am not right psychic reader the client needs to be reading with and I tell them straight away.

Psychic Reader Comment 4 – Interrupting

The psychic reader will indeed give you enough time to respond to what they are picking up, but it really frustrates me and does disjoint the reading if the client keeps continually typing questions. It breaks up the flow and it is actually the client that is losing out as they are then missing valuable information that was naturally coming through. Sure ask questions and ask for a clarification if the reader has said something you don’t quite understand but let them finishing typing first.

Psychic Reader Comment 5 – Enough time

It is no good to order just a 10-minute reading when all the various things you will want to discuss and look at would require the psychic reader to type at 100 words per minute! This again can be covered in your initial planning prior to ordering your reading. Be realistic about the amount of information you can achieve for the budget you have for the reading. This is why it is helpful as I have mentioned above to think about your questions before coming into a reading.

Psychic Reader Comment 6 – Wanting timeline immediately

This is an issue for many psychic readers; the timelines do come through however they are often fluid according to what the client chooses to do post reading – with their new found insight. I studied Horology ( the study of time) for about three years intensely and whilst we can be so very precise in that moment of reading, the slightest deviance from the path will result in a changed timeline. So take the timeline as a point of interest and monitor it, no way is a timeline a guarantee so allow some margin around it. Remember in your reading there will be more important messages within your reading than the timeline.

Psychic Reader Comment 7 – Free Will

Appreciate that once you have the reading you do still possess free will and can indeed use the information to help overcome future obstacles and achieve what you want. I call this the Ripple Effect. This is precisely why a timeline needs to be given some margin so any acts of free will can be accounted for.

Psychic Reader Comment 8 – Wide Margin

Consider interpreting the reading laterally and not literally. Good as our psychics are none of them will be able to give a step by step, moment commentary of every single detail of your life going forward. Take a broad-stroke view of all that is shared with you.

Psychic Reader Comment 9 – Other People

Many choose to have a psychic reading, not about themselves but someone else; whilst we can pick up vibrations of that other person in how they will affect the client the connection will not be as strong as what is being shown for the actual client. Worst case examples of this are when a client wants to know personal detail about another couple. Indeed I know some vibration and feeling will come through in some way but it will in no way be as strong as the vibration between the psychic reader and the client.

Psychic Reader Comment 10 – Enjoy the Experience

Relax, tune in and let the reading speak for itself. Take the advice and then post reading reflect and meditate upon what your own interpretation is. What are your very own guides now telling you? How can you now go forward using your reading to best effect and maximum gain?

Psychic Reader Comment 11 – Trust in Your Psychic Reader

We enjoy what we do very much. This includes helping you and maximising all the potential available to you. This includes helping to identify obstacles and working out with you how best to overcoming them. You are guided to come to us for whatever reason at a particular time and in this, we are ever grateful; we know the weight of responsibility in dealing with you, so prepare yourself, relax and let us help bring you closer to all that you desire today.


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“What an incredible soul.”


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“Awesome reading the best ever get the minute package it keeps the flow and saves money!!!”


“Excellent reading. Really connected to my situation. Very professional and fast typer. I’m looking forward to his predictions coming true”



“I came to Marco in the darkest of dark places. Being so apprehensive to go through another reading on here.  So many times feeling like I was given a lot of false hope. After my reading with Marco – his no sugar coating, brutal true heartfelt honesty – I feel like I am ready to take over the world. He is an angel and I am so grateful for him and his reading. What an incredibly gifted psychic and an honest, true, authentic no bs character! He was spot on in everything he picked up and worth every $ and more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Marco for putting an end to a very dark, needy stage and giving me the strength I need to transform.”

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