Spirit has a Free Message for you…

Spirit has a Free Message for you…

Welcome to Euphoria May-June 2018 Edition with details of how you can have your exciting FREE Postcard from Spirit Reading; One Postcard Reading FREE and available to all subscribers.  What do your Spirits need you to know? What message have they for you right now? Just make contact and I will reveal what message they want to share with you right now. I did this last month and over a hundred of you really enjoyed them so I felt I had to re-run it. Let us together see what Spirit wants to tell you.

Euphoria May 18

Your Free Oracle Card Reading

 postcard from Spirit

To reward all Subscribers this month’s Free Offer is Your Postcard Message from Spirit. Each subscriber can choose to request one Free Postcard Reading. (Takes between 5 and 10 minutes). I will then choose a Postcard at random (guided by your Spirits) and share with you their insightful message. If you are not a subscriber and would like to get your free Postcard Message from Spirit be sure to sign up here.

Promotion Codes

New Promotion Codes have now been issued and have been emailed to all Subscribers. Blessings! † Count Marco †

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