Free 3 Card Reading of Revelation

Free 3 Card Reading of Revelation

Welcome to Euphoria July 2018 Edition with details of how you can have your exciting FREE 3 CARD READING OF REVELATION.

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3 Cards of Revelation – Click for your Free Reading!
  Euphoria July 18  

Free Psychic Readings! This months Edition features lots of Free Readings. This is my way of giving something back. There is something for everyone; subscribers and non-subscribers! So let us look at the deals in a little more detail:-

The 3 Card Reading of Revelation

I will spend around 5 minutes delivering the messages from your Guides sent through from the Playing Cards of Revelation. One Reading per person. Remember to take a note of the Code (it is above on the advert). You can click here to contact me. 100% Free Psychic Reading Free Tarot Reading  

Very simple this one; whatever length reading you have from the normal standard pricing, one week later you can claim the exact same length of reading Free of Charge. So if today you purchase 10 minutes @ $30 after the reading I will give you a code and in 7 days you can come back to me and I will deliver same length of Psychic reading Free of Charge! The good thing is you can use it all month over and over. I am not imposing any limit. In short I am giving you double time!

Promotion Codes

Promotion Codes have been emailed to all Subscribers, giving generous discounts. If you are not a subscriber and would like to get more discount codes including an introduction of 15 minutes for just $10 be sure to sign up here. Blessings! † Count Marco †

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