Euphoria Your Monthly Newsletter May 17 Edition No 1

Euphoria Your Monthly Newsletter May 17 Edition No 1

Welcome to Euphoria
Welcome to my monthly Newsletter for my VIP BitWine Clients. Each month I will display your VIP Discount Codes and Special Offers. Along with other news and information.

Video Testimonials

I am delighted to share with you some really great Video Testimonials that I received from some of my wonderful customers, who I do now consider as friends. I am most humbled. This gives you an idea of how I read and how we can over a period of time develop such deeper greater understanding.

Natasha Speaks “Count Marco”

Maria Discusses Count Marco 


Article – You Gotta Do Your Homework!
In this month’s Article I want to give you an insight as to how you can maximise the opportunities that any Psychic Reading can provide.

Starting Point – When you take time to have a psychic reading to get an insight into a certain situation or gain knowledge of what is coming up in the coming weeks and months it is essential that this is used,  merely as a starting point of the full process.  The Psychic reading will indeed provide you with essential information that can really help you achieve your goals. However it is so very important once the reading is complete to work through what was revealed to you.

Think & Reflect – Think on the words and meanings given within the reading.  Ask yourself honestly how did it make you feel? What is your instinct now telling you about your original questions? What action do you feel you now really need to be taking? Remember you hold your own Free Will, to use as you wish. Many people feel that having multiple readings in short bursts with multiple readers will give them the answer that they want to hear.

Embrace Change – The very fact that you were for whatever reason, guided to receive messages at a particular time from a particular reader in itself was a calling; a calling to take action. If you cannot open up to the changes required and suggested then you are not embracing all the potential offered from that reading. The reading can be an invaluable tool in moving you towards your goals in the shortest period of time and being prepared for the obstacles you may face upon the road. But its not a matter of just turning up having the reading and hoping that all will now be fine. It’s essential you take on board some of what was highlighted within the reading and incorporate some of it within your new plan moving forward.  You have to take a level of responsibility.

Harsh? – In fact I know working with my clients in this manner sometimes makes it appear that I am rather hard faced or harsh. I make no apology if they feel that way.  Paramount is my wish to assist them get to where they really want to be, in the fastest and easiest possible way.  However it not my total responsibility; the cards are not a Magic Wand type tool. The individual needs to get involved and work with me on themselves, to achieve the desired results.

In brief here is some main points:-

Decide to have a Psychic Reading. Think of your questions.

Choose your reader.  Who do you feel drawn to? Think about it – do not judge it purely on the cost. Try not to go in for just 5 minutes; it hardly gives the psychic to connect to you.  Explain what you wish to look at.

Listen. Please listen to what is brought through to you. So many times I find myself fighting to be heard or get my point across. There will be time for you to ask more questions, try not to interrupt the flow. If its not exactly what you do not want to hear do not just discount it. Be open minded. You came in for a reason. Let it resonate. Soak it in.

Post Reading.  Take time to meditate upon what was shown and shared with you. How does it make you feel? What are you instinctively now being told to do? Plan accordingly. Allow it to come through, something will be changed because not of the reading, but because of the action you decided to now take because of the reading. What I do find is when people take no time to reflect or take action, then they will be adamant nothing has changed, not is coming to pass. Try not to blame your Psychic Reader; we are but the Messengers (don’t shoot the messenger!).  Work with us and we will enlighten your path ahead. Do your homework!

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I trust that you have enjoyed this first edition Newsletter of Euphoria as much as I have delighted in putting it all together for you all.
I send you all my Blessings and look forward to speaking with you soon!

⚜ Count Marco ⚜