Euphoria Edition 2 – June 17

Euphoria Edition 2 – June 17

Euphoria June Edition

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We have some interesting video testimonials which will help give you an idea about the readings that I give. Also is an article that discusses exactly who really needs to be loving you. Feel free to let me know of any special requests, features that you would like to include. Feel free to email me feedback as I am always so happy to hear from you all.

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Monthly Article: “So what if they are just never coming back?
Who Should Really Be Loving You?”

sad girlAll day long people talk to me and enquire about other people…Will he/she Love me? Will he/she come back…Did he/she love me….what is he/she thinking about me? On and on…it goes…Hey do not get me wrong I have many times asked these very questions within my life and during my journey. Constantly believing that our life can be more fulfilled more complete if we capture that person that has either rejected or left us or just is not appearing as interested as we want them too.

Of course in the path of romantic beginnings there has to be a chase, there has to be a dance; rituals precluding the possible union and a glorious joining of these two loves. I do not talk of this natural organic situation. I talk of the ones where we have been rejected 12 times, when we have been betrayed and yet believe that they will change. We invest every moment thinking and planning how to regain their attention and acceptance. What I want to suggest is when Love breaks down, we can make excuses, we believe that with just one more chance we can indeed make it work. And yes perhaps you can through force of will get that person back; but what have you really gained – what did you really win back? What by your return match did you stop arriving in your life? I am going to look at this in more detail in a future article. Today I want you to consider something different.

But what if we could step back for a moment, put thoughts on the other person on the back burner and look to ourselves first? How do we truly want to be treated and loved? What could we achieve? What would we no longer accept? What would we open ourselves up to? How do we judge ourselves and how do we in fact treat ourselves? We seem to find it natural and simple to adore someone external of ourselves, but virtually impossible to even like ourselves!

We seem to have no problem recognising what impresses us about someone else. From fabulous looks, to their outstanding character, their incredible success, that way they just seem to connect with us. It so easy to want them, need them and love them. There can be so many reasons someone attracts us and we so believe that having them in our life can indeed make us complete. We invest time energy and great thought into that process.

What I propose is that we try to use those feelings, the essence of that feeling of love right back at ourselves. me myselfWe certainly can imagine saying I am truly in love with you, to someone else, but what about saying it too yourself? What would happen? How could it change anything? In truth in doing this with true authenticity it would indeed change so many many things.

Our role is to indeed become the very best version of ourselves. I can tell when I read with many of you how you have progressed over the months and years. More assured, more confident, even happier. Your lives are still not perfect but you have an awareness of the centre point. mirror loveThat centre point is you. Those of you that have read with me on a longer term basis know how passionate I am about you achieving this, or at least to be working on it. Believe my words it can and shall empower you. It is so easy to put ourselves down; I am stupid, I am unlucky, I am not great looking and so it goes on…This is an attack on us that goes so very deep. Whoever you are and goodness we are all so different…let us consider what does happen when we break this cycle. We treat ourselves more respectfully, we give ourselves more care and attention. You are your own precious self. Loving someone else does come easier, but we will be so much more powerful if we can start to now truly love ourselves. It’s not an accident that you are here on planet earth right now at this time. It,s not a coincidence that you are actually reading this short article. This is your Call to Action. I picked up this wonderful verse from someone much wiser than myself and I think it encapsulates all that I am saying in a much more succinct way.

love yourself

If you have read it line by line you will see it outlines the very reason why you are unique, utterly unique, no one has ever existed exactly like you and no one ever will again. Enough is truly enough; of course we are all our own works in progress; our work will never end, we will never be completed. But as we are right now this must be accepted as enough. It’s more than good enough. You are more than good enough!! So a great place to start this is to literally stare in the mirror and speak to the person looking back. Tell them how much you do care for them, want for them and do indeed love them! It will feel so strange at first, but after a short time you will start to reap the benefits. You will have more respect for that person in the mirror, you will be more protective of that person. You will indeed start to shine brighter than you ever have before. You will be finally able to accept someone loving you on equal terms; not loving someone in some sort of submissive subservient gratitude filled manner. I urge you try this for just the next month – wonderful things will start to happen.

And if you needed even more evidence and more insight to the Power within You, consider the below written by the same Wise Guru.
power of you

Let this resonate with you, consider it, reflect and meditate upon it.  As I was writing this article I was listening to Rose Royce great track Wishing on a Star, it’s a great love track with a woman wanting to get back her true love..But my sentiment and thoughts as I was listening to it were more simple..I am indeed wishing on a Star that within the writings above I can somehow reach some of you and really connect with the essence of what I am trying to describe. I am wishing you choose to look inwards and start loving you first and foremost. Loving you is the Key. Loving you is where its at….Here is me wishing on all the rainbows…that you can start to see the great added value and benefits in this…
Good Luck!
My Blessings!
† Count Marco †

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