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Count Marco

Count Marco Answering Your Most Personal Love & Relationship & Career Questions

For insight to help and resolve the most difficult and complex issues; love, relationships, career and financial reach out to Count Marco today. He will do this by connecting with your guides, through his Cards of Cartomancy, in addition, he will deliver the reading in a clear concise way.



Consider taking a deal with Count Marco. For a package of minutes arguably the best way to get the very best price, furthermore, you have no more worrying about the time.  Here are his current deals:-

  • $200-120 minutes
  • $499-350 minutes
  • $950 for 1000 minutes

Your 15 Minute Reading for just $10

YOUR 15 MINUTE READING FOR JUST $10 is available; simply in the first instance subscribe to receive his monthly newsletter and thereafter a code will be emailed to you for you to claim your 15 MINUTE READING JUST $10

Count Marco – Credentials and Qualifications:

Here are some of Count Marco’s credentials:-

♚ He is a fully qualified & trained Master of Cartomancy, for this reason, has the ability to use Cards of Cartomancy and Tarot to connect with your guides directly.

♚ Master of Horology (The Study of time). In all matters relating to timelines, he is a qualified expert. 

♚ In addition, he has created and published different sets of Playing Cards for the purposes of Divination. The Anne Rose Edition set of playing cards is his latest publication. 

♚  A qualified Reiki Healer (Gnostic Centre, Leeds, UK).

How Can Count Marco Really Help?

♚ In the main using his psychic abilities, he will be able to see your future clearly and as a result will be able to foresee obstacles and issues heading your way.  

♚ He will work endlessly to ensure you can achieve your heart’s desire or start moving towards it.

♚ He has guided thousands of people to date and assists hundreds of people each year.

♚ Moreover, he understands how important it is to have the right information at the right time for you to make the decisions with achieving the best possible outcome. In addition to his strong psychic abilities he has a wealth of experience studying Horology (the study of time), you can be confident of his timelines in his predictions. 

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The client/customer when having a consultation with Count Marco regardless if it paid or unpaid is subsequently agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

Para. 1

In the first instance, a dissatisfied customer is should bring it to the attention of Count Marco, within 48 hours. Thereafter your complaint shall have our serious consideration and attention. He will consider your comments and claim in the hope to achieve a mutually satisfactory resolution. We assume after the 48 hour period has passed that the client is acknowledging full satisfaction.

Para. 2

You accept and agree that all payments in respect of consultation with Count Marco are final and that neither myself or BitWine offers no refunds.

Para. 3

The actual time duration used consulting with Count Marco and not for the subject matter is chargeable. The content is subjective, personal and fully confidential. Incidentally, readings are actually for entertainment purposes. You understand that once you make payment for any and all transactions this is final and a legally binding agreement to retain his services for the duration of minutes provided.

Para. 4

Furthermore, you agree that you will not seek to cancel, chargeback, or otherwise seek a refund on any basis that is fraudulent, misleading, or untrue. Accordingly, you understand if it is ever required that he has to defend himself and appeal any chargeback claim that Paypal and Bitwine become informed receiving all relevant documentation, policies, links, terms of service, screenshots, logs and full copies of the transcript are passed to Paypal and BitWine . In addition relevant law enforcement agencies, in both his country and the country of origin in any such cases where suspected fraudulent activity has taken place.

Para. 5

You agree and understand that you are subject to PayPal’s Terms and Conditions including Privacy Policy.

Para. 6

Another key point to note is that no matters involving minors, medical health or legal related issues will be discussed therefore such matters should be made directly with the relevant professional.

Para. 7

Finally, no readings will EVER be given to an Unregistered User and as a consequence, with this in mind understand that he will have no other option but to disconnect your call. So, for this reason, please ensure you are registered prior to making contact.