Bitwine Utterly Brilliant

Bitwine Utterly Brilliant

Welcome to Euphoria August Edition, featuring a great video review, an article on the brilliance of Bitwine and much more.

brilliance of bitwine

Here is the August Edition of my monthly Newsletter Euphoria. I  am finding that it is the best way that I can provide you with the very best offers, including ways to obtain a quick Free Psychic reading with me. This is my way of rewarding you for your continued loyalty. In this edition we look deeply at the top psychic network Bitwine, to give you further insight to all it truly offers.

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Video Testimonials

This months Video Testimonial comes from Laura Perez. I will let her speak for herself!

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Monthly Article: “The Brilliance of Bitwine”

With an ever expanding multitude of psychic websites, many people are starting to become overwhelmed as to which site they should use. This uncertainty, in a relatively uncertain time in your life, can act only as a further hindrance as you seek for clarity and guidance. I have been working as psychic for a very long time and I have definitely been around the block when it comes to the different psychic platforms. I have used almost all of them all and I can say with an utmost certainty – Bitwine stands a clear head and shoulders above the rest. I implore you to give it a try.

Experience You Can Rely On

Bitwine has one of the most extensive databases for psychics on the web today, with hundreds of active readers. 24 hours a day, you will find an abundance of highly experienced advisors, all waiting to guide you through the most complex of situations. Each psychic possess a plethora of abilities, to help fine tune your reading, to create a deeper understanding of the problems you face. Whether you require a Reiki Master or a Tarot Card Reader, will be able to find the clarity you require, with compassion and ease. Furthermore, Bitwine operates a strict screening process, giving you the extra confidence, that the person you are connecting with will provide you with the service you deserve.

A Tailor Made Experience

Bitwine is unrivalled in regards to the customer experience. On the contrary to the usual psychic platforms – where the price is ultimately set by the website itself – Bitwine is a free market, allowing the readers to manage their own pricing including any deals or services they wish to offer. This creates a more open, honest relationship between the customer and the reader, as the transaction is of a one-to-one basic and not through a 3rd party. The overall result is a market place where you (the customer) can tailor your experience in relation to what service you require as well as making sure it is at a price that is affordable to you. Subsequently, as the readers can set their own deals, there are some serious savings to be made.

Value for Money

Even with all the unique deals provided by the readers, Bitwine takes it one step further. Every day at 10 pm (ET time), you can take advantage of a Happy Hour, which many of the readers include themselves in. This allows the you to have a reading with a massive 50% off. If you are unsure of the time zone you can simply check out the handy count down clock, under the Happy Hour tab on Bitwine’s front page. Furthermore, you will also find that each reader can offer a $10 deal, which is available throughout the day and will give you a great introduction to a new reader without breaking the bank.

Simple and Reliable.

Bitwine have implemented a system that is focused around simplicity; with even with the most novice of users being able to navigate the site with ease. All the relevant information is primarily on the front screen, then with one click you can access the most comprehensive database, of the most highly respected Psychics online. When choosing your reader, the secret is to always trust in your intuition – take your time, read the profiles and reviews, however more importantly, who are you drawn to? Once you have made your decision, simply click on the “chat” button and away you go, safe in the knowledge that the system is fast and reliable, with no glitches. Another great feature is that if your chosen reader happens to be offline then you can leave a request to be notified, once they are back.

A Community

Bitwine has spent a great deal of time in building up a strong community on the forums. Here you can interact with other users, read articles written by the psychics and look at any deals they may be advertising. It is also where you can access Ask a Psychic; where you can submit a question for a psychic to answer. Ask a Psychic is a beneficial way to explore which readers you feel the most drawn to, through their response to your or someone else’s question.

Honesty and Integrity

Bitwine is all about transparency – as every reader creates their own profile, you are reading the advisors own words in the descriptions provided; giving you a great sense of who they are, even before the reading begins. On every profile you will be able to read the various reviews and Bitwine prides itself on taking a hard stance on the removal of these, meaning every review you read is honest and genuine. Just remember though, while reviews offer insight, they don’t tell the full story. You mustn’t live and die by them as readers speak to hundreds of people every day, they cannot connect with everyone. It is ultimately for you to decide if the reader is a good fit, by using you intuition.
The brilliance of Bitwine can be summed up in one word – freedom. The freedom bestowed upon the advisors, to run their own affairs consequently creates freedom for you, to explore and tailor you experience, all within one website. We are all unique, with are own individual concerns; why box ourselves in when there is a whole world of possibilities; embrace Bitwine and the freedom it provides, embrace the change it can make to your life.

Click here to visit the homepage of Bitwine and start your journey now!

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Reviews of the Month

Review of the month was from Jasmin76. I thank her and all of you that take the time to leave such encouraging feedback. Truly humbling, this I can tell you.

“I came to Marco in the darkest of dark places. I was so apprehensive to go through another reading on here as I felt like I was given a lot of false hope. After my reading with Marco – his no sugar coating, brutal true heartfelt honesty – I feel like I am ready to take over the world. He is an angel and I am so grateful for him and his reading. What an incredibly gifted psychic and an honest, true, authentic no bs character ! He was spot on in everything he picked up and worth every $ and more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Marco for putting an end to a very dark, needy stage and giving me the strength I need to transform.”

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