Psychic Expert Count Marco Introduces is dedicated to the promoting the work of Psychic Expert Count Marco on the outstanding spiritual network

Who is Count Marco?

Count Marco is a British Italian living in the Howardian Hills in Yorkshire in England. In fact, from there, he practices and studies his craft; writing articles for his blogs, furthermore, he enjoys producing his own sets of playing cards of divination. Undisputed and arguably one of the leading psychic readers online today, he has literally hundreds of clients, in addition, he has over 25 years working as a psychic reader.

Clients come from all walks of life and live all over the world. With his crystal clear no-nonsense approach, he delivers full clarity with astonishing accuracy. In his readings, he uses his cards of cartomancy; playing cards or tarot. In this way, he connects to his clients’ very own guides. Consequently, they, in turn, pass over messages giving clear signs of what the client really needs to know. Thereafter, Count Marco passes on all information so that the client can then best decide how to proceed. This is how he offers and delivers strong accurate predictions. His predictions include accurate timelines. 

What Will he Not Tell Me?

He will not discuss any medical, legal or issues involving minors. For more information refer to his Terms and Conditions (See below).

Why is he a PsychicMix Expert?

Count Marco chose to become a Psychic Expert on as his main platform to connect with his audience serving old and new clients. Undoubtedly PsychicMix is one of the most established psychic networks online today, subsequently, Count Marco felt that he could reach a much broader audience and serve more customers. Impressed with PsychicMix’s website and platform for psychic readings he applied to join their team. Consequently, he fast became one of their most sought-after psychic readers on the network. First and foremost it gave him the opportunity to serve an even larger global audience Count Marco dedicates many hours of the week delivering both free and paid readings, with equal enthusiasm and gusto.

Credentials as a PsychicMix Psychic

  • ☩ Fully qualified & trained Master of Cartomancy; using the Power of Playing Cards and Tarot to connect with your guides. ☩ Study of Horology (The Study of time).Timeline Expert. This is particularly useful when you really need accurate timings for a particular event or situation.
  • ☩ Creator and publisher of various sets of Playing Cards for Divination including the Anne Rose Edition.
  • ☩ Reiki Healer (qualified at the Gnostic Centre, Leeds, UK).