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Bitwine Psychic Count Marco Introduces LaSpiritus.com

LaSpiritus.com is dedicated to the work of Bitwine psychic Count Marco, one their top psychic readers.

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Who is Count Marco?

Count Marco is a British Italian living in the Howardian Hills in Yorkshire in England. In fact, from there, he practices and studies his craft; writing articles for his blogs, furthermore, he enjoys producing his own sets of playing cards of divination. Undisputedly and arguably one of the leading psychic readers online today, he has literally hundreds of clients, in addition, he has over 25 years working as a psychic reader.

Clients come from all walks of life and live all over the world. With his crystal clear no-nonsense approach, he delivers full clarity with astonishing accuracy. In his readings, he uses his cards of cartomancy; playing cards or tarot. In this way, he connects to his clients’ very own guides. Consequently, they, in turn, pass over messages giving clear signs of what the client really needs to know. Thereafter, Count Marco passes on all information so that the client can then best decide how to proceed. This is how he offers and delivers strong accurate predictions. His predictions include accurate timelines.

What Will he Not Tell Me?

He will not discuss any medical, legal or issues involving minors. For more information refer to his Terms and Conditions (See below).

Why is he a BitWine Psychic?

Count Marco chose to become a Bitwine psychic as his main platform to connect with his audience serving old and new clients. Undoubtedly Bitwine is one of the most established psychic networks online, subsequently, Count Marco felt that he could reach a much broader audience and serve more customers. Impressed with Bitwine’s website and platform for psychic readings he applied to join their team. Consequently, he fast became one of their most sought-after psychic readers on the network. First and foremost it gave him the opportunity to serve an even larger global audience Count Marco dedicates many hours of the week delivering both free and paid readings, with equal enthusiasm and gusto.

 Count Marco – Credentials as a Bitwine Psychic

  • Fully qualified & trained Master of Cartomancy; using the Power of Playing Cards and Tarot to connect with your guides.
  • Study of Horology (The Study of time).Timeline Expert. This is particularly useful when you really need accurate timings for a particular event or situation.
  • Creator and publisher of various sets of Playing Cards for Divination including the Anne Rose Edition.
  • Reiki Healer (qualified at the Gnostic Centre, Leeds, UK).

What is this Euphoria monthly newsletter?

Euphoria is our monthly publication, featuring articles and discount codes along with free readings. To subscribe simply do so by clicking here. You will then qualify for a a 15 minute psychic reading with Count Marco for just $10. Thereafter subscribers receive promotion codes, discounts, and other free psychic readings.

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Signup up to receive our monthly Newsletter and you will qualify for a 15 minute reading for only $10. Often subscribers qualify for a Free psychic reading. For this reason alone it has continued to build a solid readership month by month.

Other Ways to Obtain Free Minutes

Count Marco also rewards clients that connect on the social media platforms promoting LaSpiritus. Clients do this by liking/sharing his Facebook page, posts or post themselves on his page, similarly for those that wish to follow him on Twitter. Usually, it comes in the form of 5 free minutes per interaction. By the same token, those preferring to interact on his Google+ page will reap similar rewards.

1000+ Testimonials on Bitwine

As further evidence of his gifts check out his many Video Testimonials and Reviews on his Bitwine Profile Page. On his Bitwine Profile page alone he now has over 1000 reviews as a consequence he is often busy the whole period he is logged on.

Testimonials on YouTube

Be sure to check LaSpiritus Youtube Channel where some of his regular users have broadcast video reviews describing their experience having a reading with Count Marco. Furthermore, should you wish to submit your own video review we very much like to receive them.

Your Comments Matter

Feel free to make comments on this website, the monthly magazine and your experience with Count Marco.

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Here are the terms and conditions:-

Para 1.

First and foremost, any dissatisfied client dissatisfaction should contact Count Marco within 48 hours. He will review and offer feedback and at the same time aim to offer a mutually satisfactory resolution.

Para 2.

You accept and agree that all payments in respect of consultation with Count Marco are final and above all you agree that neither he or BitWine offer refunds.

Para 3.

Charges and Payment are for the actual time duration used consulting with Count Marco, not for the subject-matter. The content of the reading is subjective, personal and confidential. Readings are for entertainment purposes. All payments are final. Furthermore, in retaining his services you are entering into a legally binding agreement to purchase the minutes provided in session with Count Marco.

Para 4.

You will not cancel, chargeback or request submit a fraudulent, misleading, or untrue claim. By the same token, you understand that if Count Marco is ever required to defend himself and appeal, any chargeback claim submitted documentations, policies, links, terms of service, screenshots, logs and full copies of the transcript recorded Paypal and Bitwine will receive the same information. In addition, in any case of suspected fraud contact to the necessary Law enforcement agencies.

Para 5.

You agree and understand that you are subject to PayPal’s Terms and Conditions including Privacy Policy.

Para 6.

We are unable to answer questions relating to Medical, health, minors or legal related issues. Therefore for these such matters and issues please consult the relevant professional.

Para 7.

Finally, unregistered Users cannot purchase readings, in addition, customers can face a ban if they have issued chargebacks or requested refunds. Should this be the case for you please consider your previous conduct and dealings with Count Marco to ascertain what the bar was for? Furthermore, If you wish to appeal any ban please contact and explain your situation to Count Marco.